Friday, 4 January 2013

Posts to read

It is the new Year and some people are writing in a particularly interesting way.

  • Jim Hamilton looks at the history of QEs.  Highly recommended
  •  Mathew Yglesias looks at mulipliers. This has the latest paper from Blanchard and Leigh as well. 
  • So does Simon Wren-Lewis. I should add  he also examines Ricardian equivalence and the Pigou effect. Really interesting 
  • As does  John Quiggin  He is looking at a number of things in macro-economics. all good reading
  • The wonderful David Glasner looks back and forward (?) to the Lucas critique 

A question.

In this exchange between Sinclair Davidson and Peter Whiteford. Is Davidson merely Goebbelsising , doesn't understand the topic or suffer from Aspergers?

Just to make it clear unless I link an article all other articles are on the blog site nearby the linked article.