Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Biblical Illiteracy

Ewen Jones a liberal MP from Queensland says he now supports gay marriage because he concludes ,with a straight face, that that is what Jesus would do.

Err no.
No person in the New Testament talks about the perils of hell more than Jesus.
When Jesus talked about the sinful sexual behaviour he was talking about adultery and fornication. That is any form of sex outside of marriage. When he talked about marriage he talked about man and a woman.

Sex between two people of the same sex is always condemned whether it be the Old Testament or the New Testament. It is the same for heterosexuals outside of marriage.
Jesus came to fulfil the law and he did.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Revoking Citizenship

For some time the Government has leaked the information that it would revoke the citizenship of people found to be part of a terrorist organisation. It patently applies to ISIS/ISIL.

It is utterly stupid.

It puts people who murder people in the Middle East well ahead of people who murder in Australia. If an Australian commits a crime then charge them with the crime and they can defend themselves in court.
That is what occurs in a democracy.
If they are fighting against Australian forces there is a very easy charge to be made.

Moreover as David Kilcullen has said most Australians who have gone to the Middle East to fight have not actually been involved in fighting. They are involved in medical services etc.
People who become disillusioned with ISIL can be used to combat its influence and reduce their recruiting.

The Government's response thus far has been a boon to people seeking people to recruit for ISIL.

At this stage I am unsure whether this is due to being a very weak Government attempting to look strong or just plain incompetence. I am leaning to the former as I  do not believe they would be advised to do what they are doing at present.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Tim Carmody

 Tim Carmody will resign as the Chief Justice of the Queensland Supreme court.
The man should never had been appointed.
He had been the Chief Magistrate. Appointing him was a complete joke. A magistrate is not a judge. See Ken Parish. He was never up to the task. He still had not written his opinion when other Judges had completed theirs. see here and here

Whether it was deliberate or simply incompetence Carmody was seen as Newman's patsy.

The judgement ( pun intended) by Newman was appalling both ex ante and more so ex poste.

Other Conservative leaders have found Judges who were qualified and fit for the job why couldn't Newman.

One may never know.


Sunday, 24 May 2015

George Pell was hard done by

During the Royal Commission one of the people who claims to have been molested made allegations that George Pell rang him up and asked him how much money he would need to 'hush up' his allegations.

When I first heard this I was highly sceptical of these allegations.

He was a mere priest in Geelong. He had little money of his own and how was he in a position to make an offer on behalf of the diocese or get hold of it.

Moreover the time of this alleged offer was made AFTER the catholic priest in person had been charged. It is very hard to keep allegations under wraps if the said person has already been arrested.

This Royal Commission reminds me of the inquiry into the 'Stolen Generations' . No effort is involved to see whether the allegations are correct. All allegations are assumed to be right.

Royal Commissions are expensive things to run. We deserve to get EVIDENCE from them not just allegations.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Around the Traps 22/5/15

It is time again for Around the Traps.
'Mathiness' in economics articles in wonk section

Northern America
Andrew Gelman ( Mainly Stats)
Genial Dave Giles ( Econometrics)
Dianne Coyle ( Quirky + Book Reviews)
Vox wonk

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Will the 'small business'package boost the economy?

I have to say I have yet to meet anyone who actually understands what the small business package means to either small business or to the economy.
My own experience from last Saturday when my youngest boy played football at meadowbank park is most people thought the government was giving away 20,000k to every small business.

Not so.
ROSS GITTINS has it right.

There will be a slight positive effect on the economy. The capacity to rort is minimal as you must earn income to claim against.

A person working from home could make improvements to their home BUT there is little flexibility here. If for example. you work in a home office at your home and it around a quarter of your house that is all you can claim.
You could certainly update all the computers at home if you have the income.To claim a new car or used car you need to show it is essential to the business as it is to a tradesman for example.

Overall I suspect when people in small businesses talk to their accountants and realise what the policy is all about then the present 'exuberance' will subside.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A public service to Catallaxy

Yesterday Katsey didn't have a clue about PEFO and MYEFO. What made it worse was no-one else did either.
Sinclair Davidson finally put up his head to declare that maybe perhaps PEFO were better figures. However HERE he tries to imply there is much of a difference between the two.

He says this "Alberici is in a perfectly legitimate position to suggest that she prefers the information contained in PEFO (apparently non-partisan) over the (probably partisan) information contained in the MYEFO. That is not inherently a Labor argument. That is the policy design and intent that the Howard government had when it established the Charter of Budget Honesty."

Now if we take this at face value then Davidson doesn't quite understand what the essential difference is.

A statement by the Secretaries of Treasury and Finance would be seen by any person as non-partisan as they are NOT under any Government direction. On the other hand MYEFO is under Government direction and given the short period between the two documents a substantial amount of direction was given.
 I have outlined the differences previously HERE.
To quote myself:

The only changes to PEFO and MYEFO are:
  • Changes in Government policy
  • Changes in economic parameters

As I said about the MYEFO at the time the main changes to the deficit was Government decisions not changes in economic parameters.. Yet the Government as exemplified by Cormann was blaming the Previous ALP Government for their own spending decisions outlined in MYEFO.
It is seen at its worst in the blatantly political Inter-Generational report.

The ALP record  on leaving can only be seen by the PEFO figures and never by the  MYEFO figures. If a person does not understand that then they should go to University and study economics and enquire about how to interpret budget documents.


A person has e-mailed /rebuked me for not outlining that GROSS debt must increase each year every year because of the BASEL rules that increase the number of bonds issued. see HERE