Sunday, 26 March 2017

Cricket Season has ended

We had the finals of both the Junior and Senior cricket associations on over the weekend.

It proved very hard work. for some unfathomable reason council suddenly got anal about having cricket played on the grounds one week before football starts,

We did say it did not matter if grounds were marked out for football or even posts inserted into the ground however it seemed Councils seemed to simply want no play at all of cricket in the last week of March despite this occurring for both Junior and Senior Cricket last season and nothing whatso ever occurring.

Also given the wet weather I was phoning up Umpires  on Saturday night informing them of one-day matches for finals in some age bracket as well as change of venues!

for the first time in its history we had fully qualified umpires for all our semi-final matches .These matches were unfortunately washed out.

The NDCA and the NCU ( A turf competition where 6 teams from the NDCA and 6 teams from the NSCA battle out in two competitions) went through tough circumstances but came out better for it. Just have to wait until mid-September now!


I should have added the best batsman for the club I was associated with was told by Gladesville Spirit the football club he plays with that  his cricket team was playing in the final. He was told if he played he would be benched for the whole season, Lovely club!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Around the Traps 24/3/17

It is time for Around the Traps again.

Northern America
Andrew Gelman ( mainly stats)
Genial Dave Giles (econometrics)
Dianne Coyle (quirky + book reviews)
Vox wonk

Bill Leak and Cant

Bill Leak was the author of a quite racist cartoon.
Why was it racist?

It showed a male aboriginal as both a drunkard and a man who did not know even the name of one of his children.
Bill Leak had to know this cartoon went way over the line with regarding taste. If he was too stupid to understand this then his editor should have known.

The fact neither did shows either both were very stupid or they actually courted the controversy.

Let me be very firm on one thing before going on. I am not alleging either was a racist.

Both had to know this cartoon would attract blow back.
If Bill Leak did not want the heat of that blow back he did not have to draw the cartoon. He could have at the very least either apologise or explain what his cartoon was all about . Nuance is very hard to draw! I do not remember this at all.

Now let us go to the  infamous 18c action.

His legal team went hardball on this, They at no time drew on 18d as a defence Although the plaintiff wanted to reconcile his team did not.

If Leak was affected by all this he only had himself to blame.

His legal team would have explained the strategy. He could either agree with it or say he did not and wanted another strategy.
We can only assume he wet along with the hardball strategy. That being the case I have absolutely no sympathy if Leak suffered at all.

HE brought it all on himself . We have to admit we do not know why. We only know he was a willing 'victim'. I would not be surprised if it all went too far and in the end he could not speak out.

However he was a willing victim.

18c was NEVER going to be a reason why Leak would be prosecuted.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Problem with FACTS

Tim Harford has written a brilliant and somewhat lengthy post on the problem with facts.

It is well worth a read but of course you read it over the weekend because it was in Around the Traps!

Simon Wren-Lewis adds to this as well.
Added bonus, Peter Dorman

Hidden Figures

I have just come back after watching Hidden Figures with my wife. After watching Lion and being dreadfully disappointed this move was fantastic. It is essentially about three remarkable women who were black who worked in the NASA space program only this occurred way back in 1961.

No spoilers just go and watch it and feel good. Even Kevin Costner is good!

Monday, 20 March 2017

Trumps kicks another own goal , possibly a game changer

The heads of both the FBI and the NSA both essentially said Trumps allegations re Obama and wiretapping was a load of old cobblers.
So we now know for sure when Trump made these reckless allegations he did so without any input from intelligence and security agencies. He did it on the basis of a fake news outlet!

Neither he nor his cronies will apologise.
See Kumuda Simpson

However much worse for Trump is the announcement by Comey that the FBI is investigating to see if there was any collaboration between Russia and the Trump team during the election.
Of this Trump has no idea given his chaotic management style. He now must be worried sick because if any of his team is found to have been collaborating with Russia then it is goodnight Irene on this Presidency.

No Yank likes Treason!

Why Penalty rates are different between unionised and non-unionised industries

Malcolm Turnbull showed a lot of ignorance yesterday ( as did the Royal Commission into Unions) on penalty rates.

They do not understand the word negotiation.

In most unionised industries the penalty rates have been negotiated down. If negotiations have been made then you have to see what was negotiated. Neither Turnbull's staff nor the Royal Commission had the nous or the work ethic to discover what was involved. It involves a hell of a lot of work to discover this.

I have neither the time nor the interest to do so but let us simply examine what employees for Coles or Woolworths might have that employees in say a restaurant might not have.

  • Flexibility on rosters
  • Long service leave
  • ability to take annual leave when you wish to
  • other forms of leave
  • protocols involving dismissal
That is merely off the top of my head. Just remember as well a Union might negotiate a EBA BUT it is the employees who have to sign off on it.

If a person mentions that say the SDA have  not the same penalty rates for their member as employees on the award there is a very good reason for that. You cannot compare both as it is comparing apples with oranges.